Chairman's Message

We have created STEEFO on the core values of determination, a process-based approach, customer success, and social responsibility.

Over the past four decades, we have been significantly growing and contributing to the Indian economy through multiple projects. We have been renowned as Star Export House by the Government of India for our contribution.
Our expansions and aim to reach new heights and boundaries have strengthened our mission to become a truly global engineering organization. We have been grateful to our customers for their persistent trust in the Steefo Group. Their success has motivated us to upscale our businesses and upgrade our technological capabilities.
I thank everyone for their support during the year. I would also like to thank the Suppliers, Customers, and various top-level Government Organizations with whom we have been working, the Employees, and the Associates who have stood by the Company and I look forward to their continued support in the future.
Sandeep Agrawal
Chairman & MD
Steefo has become renowned for its efficiency in operations, reliability for customers, and drive to discover and develop new equipment suiting the needs of the rolling mill industry. With state-of-the-art technology and engineering expertise on hand, we have been able to improve and upgrade the customer’s processes and help them attain the desired results. Our commitment to traditional values has remained unchanged. Our dedicated team firmly believes in transparency and keeping up with our customers’ trust. Our dynamism for sustainable growth and the unfailing strive to be the best in all fields at all levels is also enabling us to be a global player.

Head of Marketing and Business Development Message

The Steefo Group has come a long way in the Indian and overseas markets since 1976, created on pillars of values and culture. Our growth-oriented approach is sacrosanct. With our mission to be globally renowned as a leader in the steel industry, we stand tall in keeping our ethics intact.

We thank every stakeholder in and around the company for allowing us to grow together. We take pride for ourselves on manufacturing sustainable, superior-quality steel with a clear emphasis on thoughtful and optimum utilization of resources. Our cutting-edge technology and streamlined modern manufacturing facilities enable us to deliver international-standard products worldwide to our vast client base. Providing customized value-added solutions to our clients is at the heart of our existence as one of the most trusted steel corporations.
Aashna Agrawal
Head of Marketing and Business Development
Persistent in preserving the values and approach of Mr. KK Agrawal, we thrive to strengthen the Indian steel market base with ethical market practices, an ever-evolving process, satisfying and growing productivity and good management practices. With a dedicated team of professionals and highly growth-oriented management, we are proud to receive and pass on our approach to forthcoming generations. We relentlessly strive to achieve the highest standards of operational excellence through our sustainable practices and by retaining and hiring the best people across our production facilities.