Rolling Mill Gearbox

What is a Rolling Mill Gear Box?

Gearboxes are multiple open gear sets contained in a housing. The housing supports bearings and shafts, holds in lubricants and protects the components from surrounding conditions. Industrial gearboxes are machines primarily driven by a drive unit, reducing or increasing the speed and torque of the drive unit as per requirement. The Steefo Group’s gearboxes are available in different load capacities and speed ratios. The aim of a gearbox is to increase or reduce speed.

Rolling Mill Gearbox from The Steefo Group​

1. Dimensional Accuracy
Our gearboxes are the results of accurate dimensions, providing high performance. The Steefo Group focuses on designing our gearboxes with precision engineering and modern design technology.
2. Reliability
The Steefo Group designs and manufactures reliable gearboxes, which is a crucial element in mill operation. Forget about expensive mill shutdowns; our gearboxes can run continuously and have the ability to withstand heavy loads, and also has a long lifespan.
3. Optimum Performance
Our gearboxes ensure optimum performance because of the precise calculation of each component and assembly. Manufactured on high accuracy Hobbing Machines and are hardened and ground according to load requirements, enjoy the seamless performance. Our robust gears and gear case are also optimized for ultimate strength and performance.

Our Product Range​

1. Reduction Gearbox
A Reduction Gearbox is essentially used to decrease the speed of the input from the motor while multiplying the torque the input creates. The complexity of the reduction gearbox may vary according to the customer’s requirement. Often reduction gearboxes can be as simple as a gear train in the midst of the motor and machinery. Despite the complexity, the speed reduction is achievable because the output gear has more teeth than the input gear, which allows the output gear to rotate slower, decreasing the speed while simultaneously increasing the torque. The input speed can be controlled with a speed reducer to ensure the output is the correct torque and speed.

2. Pinion Gearbox
A pinion gearbox transmits power from a single input to multiple outputs. It is a kind of wheelwork that consists of a connected set of rotating gears that allows force to transmit or change the motion or torque. To meet the diverse needs of our clients, our pinion gearbox is made out of premium grade hardened raw material, ensuring durability and reliability. These superior quality pinion stand with improved power density are handy for designing heavy loads in Rolling Mill Plants.

3. Bevel Gearbox
The name bevel gearbox is derived from the gear design used inside the gearbox i.e., bevel gears. Bevel Gearboxes can change the direction of power transmission, usually to 90°. It can also transmit high torque at high speed with low power loss unlike other gearboxes. The Steefo Group produces bevel gearboxes with low backlash, highest transmission accurateness, and incredibly long service life for industrial use.
4. Inline Helical Gearbox
The Steefo Group produces Inline helical gearboxes that are fully metric and suitable for most applications in both horizontal and vertical drive. It is available in foot-mounted and flange-mounted versions. The modular structure and construction provide incredible interchangeability of parts and sub-assemblies among all variants while remaining cost-efficient and upholding the highest component and unit elements standard.
5. Geared Motors
Geared motors from The Steefo Group adapt the speed of the motor, allowing them to operate at a particular speed. Geared motors can deliver high torque at low speeds, as the gearhead functions as a torque multiplier and allows small motors to produce higher speeds.

The Steefo Guarantee

The Steefo Group ensures that all our gearboxes are designed and engineered to perfection and adhere to modern design techniques. Improved performance, attention to detail, and accuracy are all the things that we guarantee while developing and manufacturing our gearboxes.

Our Product Range