Mill Stands

Steefo manufactures multiple types of high precision mill stands that are used in hot steel rolling mills.

The Steefo Group’s mill stand has quick roll change abilities and full automation capacities to produce various products such as wire rods, channels, universal and beam, and much more. 

We understand how critical the mill stands are in the entire rolling mill process. Mill Stands produced by the Steefo Group are used for various purposes, such as hot rolling of wire rods, Thermomechanically treated bars, strip mill, and more, and are made of non-ferrous and ferrous steel. We customise and upgrade our designs depending on the needs of our clients. Such as Fibre Bearing and Anti Friction Roller bearing upgrades in our conventional stands.

Our Products:


1. Vertical Mill Stand 

The up-drive type consists of a roll stand, mill spindles, a vertical gear reducer with a pinion stand and a motor. The gear reducer and motor are installed on a concrete frame to protect them from roll cooling water and mill scale. A lifting device is installed under the roll stand to adjust the caliber position to pass level. The roll stand can be shifted to the work side during stand changing.

2. Housing-less Mill Stand

Steefo Group’s state-of-the-art Housingless mill stand is designed to produce high-quality wire rods, angles, bars, channels and universal beams and can do so seamlessly due to the reliable quality, rigidity and roll change abilities. Our housingless mill and complete automation in connection and disconnection of fluid utilities and spindles make our mill stand efficient and quick. We have a wide variety, including convertible, horizontal, and vertical in operation, permitting us to adapt efficiently to fulfil the continuous market demand for rolled products. Steefo Group’s mill stands out from other housingless mills because of its unique features like reduced stress path, axial roll adjustment ability, screw-down automation, complete automation, etc. Our mill stands also come equipped with a roll balance system that eradicates backlash and a self-balancing spindle.

3. Pre-Stress Stand

Unlike conventional mill stands, the mill is pre-stressed with the assistance of hydraulic four nuts, allowing the mill to be equipped with the highest roll separating force during rolling time. This process avoids any further deflection of the mill stand that could have taken place under the rolling load.

4. Convertible Stand

The Steefo Group manufactures premium quality and reliable Convertible Mill stands. We use superior grade metal during the manufacturing process. Our product offers both vertical and horizontal roll adjustment. Our convertible mill stand is in high demand globally due to its longevity, corrosion resistance and quick and easy installation procedure.

5. Cantilever Stand

Designed similar to a block mill, cantilever stands have vertical and horizontal configurations depending on the client and design needs. The sleeve bearing allows it to achieve a speed that produces wire rods of 5.5m – 8mm. The roll is shaped like small discs and is on top of cantilever shafts. And are often made out of tungsten carbide.

Our Product Range


housingless mill stands

housingless mill stands