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6 Ways TMT Bars Rolling Mills Reduce Manufacturing Costs

Rolling mills are critical products for the manufacturing industry. So if you have been searching the web to find all you can about TMT bar rolling mills, their applications in the manufacturing industry and the benefits they offer, read on. Here we bring to you everything you should know about TMT rolling mills – particularly about how they can help you reduce manufacturing costs.

What is a Rolling Mill and What is it used for?

In simple words, TMT rolling bars are used in the metal forming process. They are primarily responsible for reducing the thickness of metal and making it uniform across the length and breadth of metal, using a process called rolling. The rolling process also adds strength and durability to the steel. TMT bars that you see around you at construction sites are a product of this rolling process.

Rolling is of two types – Hot Rolling Process and Cold Rolling Process. Both processes are equally rewarding, and they, in their capacities, process more tonnage than any other manufacturing process.

However, there are distinct differences in metals that have been hot rolled or cold rolled. The hot rolling process makes the product more pliable and the surface of the metal, post-treatment, is not shiny. On the other hand, cold rolling yields a harder finished product with a distinct shine on the surface.

What are the Benefits of Rolling Mills?

The rolling aspect in the TMT manufacturing process offers several benefits – the most critical of them being the reduction in material wastage. Here is a glance at the general benefits of rolling:

  1. Rolling ensures that the metal has uniform thickness across its length and breadth
  2. A rolling mill saves you the cost of purchasing different and separate equipment. The same rollers can be used for the production of a wide range of components
  3. Close tolerance is possible for components in the rolling
  4. Saves time as high-speed production takes place in the rolling

How Can Rolling Reduce Costs?

Now that you have understood the generic benefits of using TMT rolling mills and the rolling process, here is the information you have been looking for all this while. Can rolling reduce costs? How?

Yes, rolling can save you a lot of money and here is how:

One of the most important products that come out of the rolling process is TMT Bars. These TMT bars are a preferred choice for most builders because of the strength, flexibility and durability it offers. So in a way, rolling mills can serve you a great deal by saving loads of money. Here is how:

1. Lesser quantity: 

TMT bar manufacturing machines lend TMT bars high tensile strength, which means they are stronger than any other ordinary steel. So TMT rolling mills help you by causing a tremendous drop in the amount of steel required for production.

2. Reduced Labour: 

Through the rolling process, high-performance TMT bars are made. These bars are extremely malleable, which means that they are easier in terms of handling by construction labour and easily transportable. This, significantly, reduces labour and construction costs.

3. Maintenance Savings: 

TMT Bars made in TMT rolling mills are corrosion-resistant. As a result, they stay robust longer even in the face of seasonal wear and tear. Hence, they offer greater RoI and require less maintenance and repair.

4. Protection During Earthquakes

One of the major concerns that manufacturers have to address during the production of construction materials is to ensure that they are earthquake resistant. The TMT manufacturing process strengthens TMT bars to ensure that they can withstand earthquakes efficiently.

5. Flexibility/Usage Benefits

TMT bars are extremely strong, offer flexibility and weldability without compromising on the core strength. This allows builders to not only build stronger structures but also experiment with various designs.

6. Transportation Savings

TMT bars are extremely lightweight and flexible, hence their transportation is easy. As a result, there are lesser labour and transportation costs.

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