Roller Conveyor: An Essential In Rolling Mill Operation


Roller conveyors or roller tables are essential to rolling mill plants and their regular operation. Rolling mills use roller conveyors to carefully move material from point A to point B without human intervention. The entire function of roller tables is to ensure efficient and speedy movements of various materials, which is why they are commonly used in rolling mills. 

For a roller conveyor to operate smoothly, there needs to be at least one rigid or almost flat object to touch the rollers and retain steady equilibrium. Some of the most primary materials that roller tables carry are steel billets, slabs, bars, ingots, plates and more. 

Several types of roller conveyors and roller tables are available in the market, but all of them fall under either one of these classifications. 

  • Unpowered or idle roller conveyor
  • Powered or live roller conveyor

Unpowered Roller Conveyors

Unpowered roller conveyors are rollers that are operated without the assistance of an external power source. The roller table works by rolling over multiple rollers with the help of manual push or a form of push from a chain constantly in motion. These idle or unpowered roller conveyors usually function on a horizontal and flat surface or at a gentle incline to assist the roller tables in functioning correctly. An incline rate of 1.5 to 3 percent allows gravity to do much of the work. 

Powered roller conveyors

Powered roller conveyors or live roller tables operate when designated, or the entire group of rollers operate with the help of one or more motors depending on the stage of production. The powered rollers are set into motion and move s the load with friction. Powered rollers conveyors also benefit from its inclined installation. The average incline on these roller tables is usually 10 degrees upwards or approximately 17 degrees downwards.

Why Are Roller Conveyor systems Essential To The Rolling Mill Industry? 

Roller conveyors are essential in the rolling mill industry due to their utility in every aspect of production. 

1. Decreases Manual Wastage 

Roller conveyor systems are essential to the entire production unit and eradicate a lot of manual labour. Automating these tasks expedites the whole production process and decreases the probability of human error, wastage and potential injury. 

2. Enhances Flexibility

Since roller tables and roller conveyors are necessary for every step of production, modular roller tables enhance the rate of flexibility. This ensures that these roller conveyors are used in numerous rolling mill applications.

3. Improved Quality And Standard

Roller Conveyors facilitate automation and speedy production and enhance the product’s quality at every step of the process. Due to the roller table system, it is easier to spot any form of deformity or error in the product, allowing companies to rectify it immediately. 

4. Enhanced Efficiency 

Roller tables and conveyors can operate 24 hours a day, and are efficient to run compared to other types of machinery. They also increase efficiency and productivity rates, especially during busier times of the year. The parts of these machines are also easy to find and replace in case of damage, making them reliable during the production process.

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