Everything You Need To Know About Shears

What Are Shears? 

Shears are a crucial part of every steel rolling mill. A shearing machine is used to slice plates, bars, thin metal sheets and beams. These machines cut steel and several other mayoral of various dimensions. We at The Steefo Group are one of India’s biggest manufacturers of industrial-grade shears. Our design focuses on precision and superior quality, which is operated with the assistance of the most advanced technology in the market. With our wide range of shears as well as customisation options, you will be able to see a major improvement in your business. 

Type Of Shears 

Flying Shears 

A Flying Shear is a standard industrial instrument known for cutting a constant product at a determined length at line speed. Flying shears do not interrupt the primary production, ensuring maximized productivity. The flying dividing shear created is intended to cut the TMT bar according to the length of the cooling bed. These flying dividing shears have a finishing speed of 20mps.

End Cutting Crop and Cobble Shear

End Cutting Crop and Cobble Shear are utilized to trim the front and tail end. They also come into action for segment-cutting hot rolling eventualities. These shears are managed by a PLC system and provide tight tolerance for cropped or shortened length. End cutting crop and cobble shears are also started/stop type shears operated with the help of a direct dc motor or a mounted Flywheel Pneumatic Clutch/Brake.

Cold Shears

Cold shears are crucial to the rolling mill process due to their placement. These shears are placed right at the end of the cooling bed of the rolling mill. Their incredible high strength capacity performs well when it comes to cutting metal in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They are also highly customisable and can be designed for your specific requirement. The three most common type of cold shear that are produced are:

  • Pneumatic Clutch Brake Type Cold Shear
  • Hydraulic Cold Shear
  • Electro-Mechanical Cold Shear

Rotary Shear

Rotary shears are a preferred choice by numerous rolling mill manufacturers due to their cost effectiveness and performance. These shears are employed to cut the front and end portions, and discard pre-quenched bars during any contingency. These shears rotate continuously and are usually placed on shortening hot-rolled bars at a low speed.

Hot Saw and Cold Saw

Cropping structural sections are a necessary part of the rolling mill procedure—hot saws cut front and end sections in the required length. 

There are two types of hot saws available – 

  • Horizontal shift type
  • Static type

Cold saw, also provides precise and accurate cutting, where both open and closed types are available. They are utilised with a start and stop the drive, managing structural units and high alloy steels.

Hydraulic Shear 

A hydraulic shear  machine is a type of machine that operates with the assistance of a suitable and reasonable blade gap to utilse cutting force to rolling mill metal plates of various dimensions and thicknesses, employing an upper blade that is in motion and a lower blade fixed onto the surface so that the plates can be split, trimmed and separated according to the necessary size

Why Choose Shears From The Best Rolling Mill Manufacturers

When you pick products such as shears from The Steefo group, you obtain a guaranteed quality product. You also get your hands on the most innovative and futuristic products that will enable you to convert your business’s face.  

Our projects and products also undergo relentless and stringent testing and numerous quality checks to deliver the best-in-class products. Our emphasis on technology and innovation also provides you with the most up-to-date products for your rolling mill. 

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