What Are DC Motors?: A Beginner’s Guide


We have heard the term “DC  motors” pop up across several industries but have you ever wondered what it means? DC motors are an important component utilized across numerous industries, from rolling mills to elevators. Today let us take a look at DC motors, what it is, their applications, their overall importance and more. 

What is a DC Motor?

DC motors or Direct Current Motors are machines that specialize in transforming electrical energy from a battery into mechanical energy. When the electrical energy or current passes through the power source and directly into the motor, the energy is transformed and recast into mechanical rotation. Mechanical rotation happens because this process allows wheels, blades and propellers to spin along with other elements.

How Does A  DC Motor Operate?

DC motors operate by employing their power source to create electrical energy or current inside the motor’s brush. This process, along with stator magnets, produces magnetic fields. The magnetic field created by the electrically charged brushes is used to generate movement in the rotor. The electrical input and the type of motor also determine the speed of the motor and the amount of torque. 

What Are The Parts of a DC Motor?

DC motors or Direct Current Motors have numerous parts, although they might vary based on the type of DC motor. However, the parts mentioned are found in your average DC motor. 

  • Axel: Responsible for holding the commutator and the armature 
  • Armature: A collection of electromagnets responsible for electrical current and its movement
  • Commutator: Permits the discharge of electricity to the armature
  • Stator Magnets: Responsible for creating a rotating magnetic field for the armature.
  • Brushes: Operates along with the commutator to provide proper rotation.direction

What Are The Different Types Of DC Motors?

Direct Current motors, or DC motors, can be classified into four different categories. These categorizations allow you to comprehend how these DC motors operate and their various uses. 

1. Permanent Magnet DC Motor

In Permanent Magnet DC Motors, permanent magnets are employed to create the field flux. Field winding on the stator frame is not present in this type of DC motor. It instead operates on permanent magnets to create a magnetic field allowing the rotor field to interact and generates torque. These DC motors are known for their high initial starting torque and can regulate speed thoroughly.  

2. Series DC Motors

In Series DC motors, the full armature current courses via the field winding. Series DC motors also comprise significantly larger conductors in their windings. This allows the motor to have a minimal resistance, which permits them to obtain and accept a larger amount of power supply. The primary drawback of these DC motors is that heavy loads can majorly impact speed.

3. Shunt DC Motors 

Shunt DC motors are where armature and shunt field windings are parallel to each other but not to the series field winding. Since the shunt field can be operated without the armature windings, it allows for easier control on reversing. Shunt DC motors have incredible speed control and regulation despite the load on the motor. This ability makes shunt DC motors ideal for operations that require accurate speed control. 

4. Compound DC Motors

Compound DC motors contain both series winding and shunt field winding. These DC motors usually provide great starting torque but may have control issues during variable-speed drive usage. The motors in the compound DC motors have the ability to be connected in two methods: differentially and cumulatively.

The cumulative connection type joins the series field to assist the shunt field, equipping it with a higher starting torque but lower speed control. On the other hand, the differential connection type has great speed control and usually functions at a steady speed. 

What Are The Applications Of Different DC Motors?

Permanent Magnet DC Motor is employed in several household appliances and day-to-day appliances such as blowers, air conditioners, toys, electric toothbrushes, power tools, heaters, food mixers, and ever objects like windshield wipers and more.

Series DC motors are typically used where high starting torque and speed variations are necessary. This type of DC motor is used in sewing machines, portable electrical appliances, vacuum cleaners, winches, air compressors and more. They can also be seen in traction systems, engine starters, and cranes and are utilized to cowl and control airplane wings.

Shunt DC motors are utilized for items requiring constant speed. The shunt dc motors applications are in centrifugal pumps, weaving machines fans, blowers, conveyor belts, lifts, mixers, spinning machines, etc.

Compound wound motors are operated where you require higher starting torque and constant speed. These DC motors applications include printing presses, shears, cutting machines, conveyors, elevators, steel rolling mills, heavy planners, industrial mixers, etc. 

Where To Find The Highest-Quality DC Motors?

Are you looking for best-in-class DC motors? Look no further than The Steefo Group. You get assurance on quality when you select DC motors from The Steefo group. You also get your hands on the most ingenious and futuristic products that will help you convert the face of your business.  

Our projects and products, such as DC motors, also undergo strict testing and quality inspections to deliver the best-in-class products. Our focus on technology and innovation also provides you with the most up-to-date products for your rolling mill. 

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Everything You Need To Know About Shears

What Are Shears? 

Shears are a crucial part of every steel rolling mill. A shearing machine is used to slice plates, bars, thin metal sheets and beams. These machines cut steel and several other mayoral of various dimensions. We at The Steefo Group are one of India’s biggest manufacturers of industrial-grade shears. Our design focuses on precision and superior quality, which is operated with the assistance of the most advanced technology in the market. With our wide range of shears as well as customisation options, you will be able to see a major improvement in your business. 

Type Of Shears 

Flying Shears 

A Flying Shear is a standard industrial instrument known for cutting a constant product at a determined length at line speed. Flying shears do not interrupt the primary production, ensuring maximized productivity. The flying dividing shear created is intended to cut the TMT bar according to the length of the cooling bed. These flying dividing shears have a finishing speed of 20mps.

End Cutting Crop and Cobble Shear

End Cutting Crop and Cobble Shear are utilized to trim the front and tail end. They also come into action for segment-cutting hot rolling eventualities. These shears are managed by a PLC system and provide tight tolerance for cropped or shortened length. End cutting crop and cobble shears are also started/stop type shears operated with the help of a direct dc motor or a mounted Flywheel Pneumatic Clutch/Brake.

Cold Shears

Cold shears are crucial to the rolling mill process due to their placement. These shears are placed right at the end of the cooling bed of the rolling mill. Their incredible high strength capacity performs well when it comes to cutting metal in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They are also highly customisable and can be designed for your specific requirement. The three most common type of cold shear that are produced are:

  • Pneumatic Clutch Brake Type Cold Shear
  • Hydraulic Cold Shear
  • Electro-Mechanical Cold Shear

Rotary Shear

Rotary shears are a preferred choice by numerous rolling mill manufacturers due to their cost effectiveness and performance. These shears are employed to cut the front and end portions, and discard pre-quenched bars during any contingency. These shears rotate continuously and are usually placed on shortening hot-rolled bars at a low speed.

Hot Saw and Cold Saw

Cropping structural sections are a necessary part of the rolling mill procedure—hot saws cut front and end sections in the required length. 

There are two types of hot saws available – 

  • Horizontal shift type
  • Static type

Cold saw, also provides precise and accurate cutting, where both open and closed types are available. They are utilised with a start and stop the drive, managing structural units and high alloy steels.

Hydraulic Shear 

A hydraulic shear  machine is a type of machine that operates with the assistance of a suitable and reasonable blade gap to utilse cutting force to rolling mill metal plates of various dimensions and thicknesses, employing an upper blade that is in motion and a lower blade fixed onto the surface so that the plates can be split, trimmed and separated according to the necessary size

Why Choose Shears From The Best Rolling Mill Manufacturers

When you pick products such as shears from The Steefo group, you obtain a guaranteed quality product. You also get your hands on the most innovative and futuristic products that will enable you to convert your business’s face.  

Our projects and products also undergo relentless and stringent testing and numerous quality checks to deliver the best-in-class products. Our emphasis on technology and innovation also provides you with the most up-to-date products for your rolling mill. 

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How Are The Products of The Steefo Group Changing The Rolling Mill Industry


To manage the fast-paced nature of steel rolling mills, you need superior quality products that can support your production line. If you are looking for such premium quality, the only name that one should rely on is The Steefo Group. Our futuristic and innovative modular products can transform and aid all your growing business needs. This will allow you to obtain more clients due to your new and improved business performance. Steefo Industries also provides high-quality products that pass through several quality assurance checkpoints to ensure seamless performance. Our products and manufacturing process goes through constant up-gradation and improvement to guarantee that our clients only receive the best of the best.

Now, let us give you a glimpse at our vast product line.

Reheating Furnaces

Reheating Furnaces are essential for hot rolling mills. They help in converting the Billets into rolling temperatures and making them suitable for deformation and further use. The Steefo Group’s reheating furnaces stand apart from the rest because it ensures several benefits that are necessary for improved performance, such as

  • Consistent Thermal Level and Thermal Homogeneity
  • Mark Elimination
  • Combustion Automation
  • High-Quality Refractory Material Installation

Rolling Mill Gearbox

As the number one rolling mill manufacturers in India, we also create rolling mill gearboxes. A gearbox is a housing that contains numerous open gear sets. The housing comprises shafts and bearings and contains lubricants, and protects the component from other conditions. The job of the gearbox is to increase or decrease the speed and torque of the drive unit depending on the requirement. Our gearboxes are available in several load capacities and have multiple speed ratios. The Steefo Group ensures that our rolling mill gearboxes have the best-

  • Dimensional Accuracy
  • Reliability
  • Optimum Performance

Mill Stands

Mill Stands are an essential part of rolling mills. They can do quick roll change and complete automation to create numerous products, namely, wire rods, universals, channels, beams and more. The Mill Stand produced by the Steefo Group has several purposes, such as the hot rolling of wire rods, TMT bars, strip mill and much more. To work with the demand of our clients, we ensure that our mill stands can be upgraded and customized. Fibre Bearing and Anti Friction Roller bearing upgrades in our conventional stands are some.


The Steefo Group has the expertise in creating some of the best shears among all rolling mill manufacturers. The Shearing machine is an integral part of the entire hot rolling process. These are installed to cut the tail end and the length. This step is taken to fit the cooling bed and the commercial length of the TMT bars. Our shears have the Steefo guarantee of being of superior build and performance-driven.

Pinch Rollers

A Pinch Roller created by the Steefo Group is essential when working with hot rolling and strip steel mills. Pinch Rollers operate horizontal cantilever structures that require an air cylinder and double roll device, which allows the up and down synchronous roll clamp. A pinch roller aids in removing coil rejection because of poor surface quality. In general, pinch rollers are designed to provide superior performance and can meet the expectation and needs of the hot steel strip coiling application.


If searching for the best loopers, you should rely on the ones produced by the best rolling mill manufacturers in India. Our Loopers are required at the finishing mill area for a tension-free rolling process and to ensure accurate section tolerance is achieved. To improve production capacity by reducing miss rolls, installing loopers is critical. Looper also can be installed in the inter-stand position to decrease the tension variation by a simple angle adjustment, improving bar threading and product quality.

Quenching System

The Quenching System supplied by the Steefo Group is trusted by rolling mills in India and worldwide. A quenching system, also known as the TMT box, is installed after the final finishing stands on the mill train to provide the rebars with the thermal treatment necessary to create the product. The Quenching system provided by us also cleanses the surface via scrubbing. These are some of the characteristics our superior quality quenching system offers:

  • Consistent ring formation
  • Uniform tensile strength along the length of the bar
  • Motorized valves
  • Corrosion-free
  • Time-efficient
  • High-quality design
  • Powerful construction
  • Closed frame to adapt the forces in the sizing press
  • It can be operated under extreme conditions

Automatic Cooling Beds

Our Automatic Cooling Beds are necessary to cool down TMT bars by using uniform air cooling and are also used to transport it in a phased manner to the discharged side. These beds also provide alignment when they are transferred onto the roller table to the finishing section.

Packing Beds – Tying & Bundling

The Steefo Group creates superior quality and advanced packing beds for steel rolling manufacturing. Packing beds are necessary for tying and bundling rebars. These packing beds are critical, enhance productivity, and improve plant function.

Roller Table – Conveyor

We manufacture some of the most efficient range of Roller conveyors or roller tables necessary for rolling mills. These roller tables transfer a billet to the charge furnace, then transfer it from the furnace to the roughing mill and cooling bed. It is then used to shift the product to the shearing machine, which is cut depending on the desired length.

Why Choose Products From The Best Rolling Mill Manufacturers

When you select products from The Steefo group, you are getting guaranteed quality. You also get your hands on the most innovative and futuristic products that will help you transform the face of your business.

Our projects and products also undergo rigorous testing and quality checks to supply the best-in-class products. Our priority on technology and innovation also provides you with the most up-to-date products for your rolling mill.

To learn more about the Steefo Group and their products and how they can improve your productivity and profits, contact +91 98240 76873 or drop a mail at


How Is The Steefo Group Leading the Way In Steel Rolling Mill Manufacturing


When you talk about the best steel rolling mill manufacturer, what is the one name that comes to your mind? The Steefo Group, right? The Steefo Group is acknowledged as one of the most established companies leading the way in steel rolling mill manufacturing since 1976. Steefo Industries has built its credibility and reputation through its superior quality and design and has even been recognised by the government of India as the Star Export House. Our company has earned that title with over 100+ establishments worldwide, turning itself into a domestic and international name. 

In the world of steel rolling mills, Steefo Industries redefines the term quality and calibre because of its ability to execute any project. Including some of the most mind-blowing turnkey projects at record time while maintaining that Steefo quality. 

Well, the reason behind The Steefo Industies’ astronomical success is because of multiple factors. But at our core, our highly trained engineers, advanced machinery and cutting-edge manufacturing facilities create an unshakable foundation. 

How is The Steefo Group Different?

Let us discuss what allows The Steefo Industries to stand apart from the crowd and brand itself as your reliable steel forming partner. 


Steefo Industries has earned a worldwide reputation for its superior quality. The focus on quality is given the highest priority, and the team takes extra effort to ensure that. To us, our premium quality is the highest value addition to our products. The products are created to meet even the most stringent norms and standards globally. The standard is maintained throughout the manufacturing process, from the concept to commissioning. 

To guarantee that the customer has the highest quality products, the quality assurance team performs regular quality checks and testing at every stage of the manufacturing process. The raw materials are thoroughly examined and undergo metallurgical and other quality tests. 

Research and Development

Steefo Industries takes innovation to the next level. Everyone in the team believes there is always space for improvement and innovation. The research and development team focuses on developing R&D and design capabilities and technical development. Steefo Industries is one of the few manufacturers utilising the most advanced technology to satisfy customers’ demands. 


Change is an opportunity. We use that opportunity to innovate and create. Steefo Industries understands that and boosts any chance to innovate. To the company, innovation is more than simply developing new products and technology. The aim is to allow design engineers to use their knowledge and rationale to dig deep and resolve issues that seem uncertain. 

Our team learns how to adapt to new changes in the process, management, business systems, and more to ensure customer satisfaction and growth. 

When you partner with The Steefo Industries, you invest in not only superior grade products but also invest in our workforce that delivers the best results.  

What Are We Known For? 

Turnkey Solutions 

Steefo Industries is known worldwide for the turnkey solution that we provide. The team offers technological responsibility aiding customers during the total project life cycle from concept to commissioning. This includes rolling mills as well as integrated steel plants. 

Steefo Industries provides the required plant equipment and guarantees execution.

The Steefo Group provides turnkey solutions in the areas mentioned below: 

  • Greenfield / Brownfield integrated mini steel plant
  • TMT bar rolling mill
  • Structural rolling mill
  • Wire rod mill
  • Customised solutions


Steefo Industries also excels in single modular products required to grow your business and allow customers to improve their business performance and productivity. To operate a steel plant, you need various products for efficient functioning as a whole unit. The products provided by Steefo Industries are not only of superior quality but also pass through several quality checks and global standards. These are just some of the products provided by Steefo Industries:

  • Reheating Furnaces 
  • Rolling Mill Gearbox
  • Mill Stands 
  • Shears
  • Pinch Rollers
  • Loopers
  • Quenching System 
  • Automatic Cooling Beds 
  • Packing Beds
  • Roller Tables 

And more 

Why Choose The Steefo Group?

Why choose Steefo Industries? The question should rather be, why not?

The Steefo Group has reached this level of success due to its relentless drive toward excellence and an uncompromising attitude towards quality. We are continuously growing and endeavouring to improve our current products and solutions; therefore, we have transformed into the leading innovation in the world of rolling mills. 

You get high-quality products and constant support from our team of professionals when you work with us. Join the world of success. To learn more, call us at +91 98240 76873 or drop us a mail at