Guide to Shearing Machines: Types & Advantages


In steel rolling mills, we employ shearing machines for cutting front/tail end, cobbling, length cutting for cooling bed and commercial length cutting for TMT Bar. Shearing machines, commonly known as shears, are essential in enhancing the overall efficiency of a steel rolling mill by delivering a precise cut that reduces the wastage of materials.

Steel rolling mills generally have three primary types of shearing machines:

  • Flying shears
  • Rotary shears
  • Cold shears. 

Steel rolling mills use flying and rotary shears to cut steel bars,  plates, sections, slabs, and other shapes into smaller sizes during the steel rolling process. The shears are synchronized along with the rolling speed to provide an accurate cut. On the other hand, cold shears are utilized after the steel rolling procedure to cut the completed steel products to their necessary length. They are generally mechanical or hydraulic and can offer a precise cut, guaranteeing the end steel product meets the directed specifications.

1. Flying Shears

Flying shears are placed on the steel rolling mill and are synchronized with the overall rolling speed to provide a clean cut. It makes them ideal for high-speed production and can cut steel bars that are up to 50mm in diameter. These shears are also cut steel bars or create sections during the rolling process. They are crucial in ensuring the steel product meets the necessary specifications and company standards.

2. Rotary Shears

Rotary shears usually consist of spinning blades that slice steel into the necessary size. They are appropriate for cutting wider steel slabs and plates and can work with various steel thicknesses. Mills generally rotary shears to cut steel slabs into smaller sizes before rolling. They offer enhanced efficiency and precision, decreasing the time taken to achieve the rolling process.

3. Cold Shears

Rolling mills utilise cold shears after the entire steel rolling process to cut the completed steel products to the length required by the company. They are either hydraulic or mechanical and can supply an accurate cut, ensuring the completed steel product fulfills the mandated specifications. Cold shear machines can be employed both manually or automatically and depend on the specific demands of the steel rolling mill.

What Are The Advantages of Shearing Machines? 

Utilizing shearing machines in rolling mills provides numerous advantages; these include:

  • Enhanced efficiency 
  • Improved precision
  • Versatility, 
  • Decreased material waste
  • Increased safety.

Let’s look at these advantages and understand why shearing machines are crucial.

1. Enhanced Efficiency

Shearing machines allow steel rolling mills to cut steel slabs into smaller dimensions, reducing the overall energy requirement for the steel rolling process. This energy reduction improves the efficiency of the mill and decreases the time required to complete the steel rolling process.

2. Improved Precision

Shearing machines generate a clean cut, reducing the amount of waste and enhancing the accuracy of the final product. This ensures that the steel product meets the required specifications. Using shearing machines in steel rolling mills can also help to decrease the number of imperfections in the final product.

3. Versatility

Shearing machines also cuts a variety of steel products, which include sections, bars, plates, and more. This versatility makes them perfect for various usages in steel rolling mills. The versatility also enables rolling mills to deliver a vast range of steel products to satisfy the demands of their customers.

4. Decreased Material Waste

Shearing machines help enhance the precision and accuracy of steel cutting, reducing the material waste produced during the rolling process. This also results in cost reduction and saving for the overall steel rolling mill. By reducing waste, shearing machines assist in improving the total profitability of the steel rolling mill.

5. Increased Safety

Shearing machines operate with safety design in mind, lowering the chance of mishaps, accidents, and injuries in the rolling mill. There are safety elements, such as emergency buttons, safety and protection guards, and warning alerts, to ensure that operators and workers in the steel rolling mill are safe from harm.

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