The Steefo Group is a name that is synonymous with reliable experts in the field of steel forming. The origins of The Steefo Group have excellence and superior quality ingrained in its name, which is why we stand out in national and international markets. 

What Makes The Steefo Group Different?

What sets The Steefo Group apart from the other steel forming manufacturers in the country? Let us find out all the reasons why they have attained this reputation. 

1. The Quality

The Steefo Group, all through the decades, has pledged to never compromise and maintain superior quality since its inception. That is why our name is recognized worldwide today for consistently providing high-quality products. We uphold the strictest standards and norms to guarantee that only the highest-grade products reach our clients. 

We have regular quality checks and rigorous testing, from raw materials to finished products. We also take a quality-based approach to quality commitment.  

2. Commitment To Innovation 

What does innovation truly mean? It is the ability to view change and transformation as an opportunity rather than a challenge. Innovation is not just about creating new products and technologies but digging further to unearth and understand uncertainty and discover new and improved solutions.

The Steefo Group and team constantly work towards creating new and innovative processes, business strategies and systems and management methods. That directly influence the level of productivity of a customer’s business and convert it into profit and growth. 

3. Research and Development

The Steefo Group is recognized worldwide because of our drive toward developing and improving our R&D and design capabilities. We fund and support technology improvements because we know that only development in the field of technology guarantees constant advancement in our manufacturing pace and product quality.

We provide only the most advanced technology that can match the demands of our varied clients. We utilise software such as CAD and Kissoft and more to procure future-ready equipment that complies with industry 4.0. 

Providing Integrated Solutions For Hot Rolling Mills in India

When it comes to providing integrated solutions for hot rolling mills in India, The Steefo Group is at the top of the list.  Unlike other manufacturers, The Steefo Group assists and delivers exceptional technological support during the project cycle. The expertise spans from the concept to commissioning integrated steel plants and rolling mills.

On top of that we have not only supported our clients with several turnkey projects but have also provided them with equipment and assisted in executing the project to reach the optimum production capacity. 

1. TMT Bar Rolling Mill

TMT Rolling Bar mills are integral to the Steefo Group and have become ingrained in our DNA. We have also transformed ourselves into being your one-stop-shop solution for all rolling and melting industry needs. Our engineers have incredible expertise in managing turnkey projects from concept to commissioning with innovative and ultra-modern solutions.

Since we prioritise our clients’ needs, we ensure that our products are customisable depending on the demand. This allows our production capacity to range from 10 TPH TO 100 TPH. We also guarantee higher productivity and faster ROI because of our integrated automation solutions. 

2. Structural Rolling Mill

The Steefo Group is recognised as the front runner in executing and delivering end-to-end solutions for structural rolling mills. Our structural rolling mill provides our clients with the most outstanding performance capacities along with the shortest downtimes.

3. Wire Rod Mill

When it comes to wire rod mills, we at The Steefo Group have over four decades worth of experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing wire rod mills. This has allowed us to become a trusted name in the industry.

Our expert engineers have also addressed the market’s growing demands, starting from the flexibility to the cost-effectiveness of the wire rod mills. Steefo Group’s wire rod mills are high-speed mills that can roll small dimensions at high production rates without increasing operating costs. 

Why Choose The Steefo Group As Your Reliable Steel Forming Partner

When you select products from The Steefo group, you are ensured quality. You also get your hands on the most inventive and futuristic products that will help you change the face of your business. The Steefo Group specialises in everything, from turnkey projects to single modular projects, depending on the requirements of your business. From TMT bar rolling mills and wire rod mills to products such as mill stand, rolling mill gearboxes, reheating furnaces and more. 

Our projects and products also undergo strict testing and intensive quality checks to supply the best-in-class products. Our emphasis on technology and innovation provides you with the most state-of-the-art products for your rolling mill. 

To learn more about the Steefo Group and their products and how they can improve your productivity and profits, contact +91 98240 76873 or drop a mail at



When it comes to metal rolling and deformation, the critical component essential to the operation is the steel rolling machine that determines the level of production and technology. Therefore, it is crucial to select the best rolling mill equipment suitable for all your needs and positively impacts the mill’s functioning.

How to Select Steel Rolling Mill Machines?

Several factors come into play when selecting the perfect rolling mill machine. Some of them are: 

  • The steel grade
  • The production scale 
  • The product variety 
  • The production process and more. 

When it comes to the process design of the rolling mill, we also consider numerous components such as- 

  • The structural type of the rolling mill 
  • Choosing the number of rolling mills 
  • Laying method
  • Technical parameters 

Now that it is time to pick the steel rolling machine, one should always remember that the rolling mill should have a reasonable composition and compact arrangement. It should also have a high equipment utilization and impressive production efficiency. Another important aspect is to guarantee that the product quality is up to the mark, not only for current production but also for new production capabilities. 

Apart from that, a suitable rolling mill should facilitate the scope of automation and mechanization to significantly upgrade the working conditions of the employees and be advanced enough to be easy to operate and maintain. Speaking of maintenance, this includes having an easy availability of spare parts that facilitate long-lasting usage. A green flag to consider is the availability of good economic and technical indicators. 

Rolling products and rolling mills come in an exhaustive assortment. Due to the plethora of products, the characteristics of the products differ significantly during rolling. That is why various products have various requirements for rolling mills. 

For example, what is the number one priority for large-scale blanking machines heavy plate rolling mills and more? Well, apart from the required precision? The most crucial thing is the ample strength that allows the large deformation of rolled products. Similarly, plate steel mills, wire mills, and more require substantial and sufficient rigidity; a degree of strength is needed to operate smoothly. 

Why Rely On The Steefo Group For The Best Rolling Mill Equipment?

So you are looking for suitable rolling mill equipment. Look no further as The Steefo Group can provide you with everything your rolling mill will ever need.  For almost four decades, we have been the ultimate and the most favoured integrated rolling mill manufacturer.  The Government of India also acknowledges us as the Star Export House, and we adhere to our reputation. With over 100+ establishments, we are a prominent name worldwide and in the country. 

Understanding The Steefo Group’s Products 

When you choose products from The Steefo group, you are getting guaranteed quality. You also  get your hands on the most innovative and futuristic products that will help you transform the face of your business.  The Steefo Group specializes in everything,  from turnkey projects to single modular projects, depending on the needs of your business. From TMT bar rolling mills and wire rod mills to products such as mill stand, rolling mill gearboxes, reheating furnaces and more. 

Our projects and products also undergo rigorous testing and quality checks to supply the best-in-class products. Our focus on technology and innovation also provides you with the most up-to-date products for your rolling mill. 

To learn more about the Steefo Group and their products and how they can improve your productivity and profits, contact +91 98240 76873 or drop a mail at


When we talk about reliable experts in steel forming, the only name that comes to the forefront is The Steefo Group. Our reputation stems from the word steel forming. Our origins are rooted in excellence and superior production, both in national and international export markets. 

The Origins of The Steefo Group 

The Steefo Group has humble beginnings; we started our journey four decades ago in 1976.  With Mr K.K Agarwal laying the foundation of the  Steefo Industries in 1976, starting our first order in 1979 to achieving our first export order in 1991, we have always had an upwards trajectory. The only goal that we had in mind was to provide precision in design and manufacturing and produce superior quality products and turnkey solutions that fit our clients’ expectations and standards. 

We aimed to become the one-stop shop for all steel rolling and melting industries. We have expanded our services and products since 1976, and now we have a group of expert engineers catering to numerous sections of this ever-demanding industry.

The Steefo Group Quality

One thing that we have pledged to maintain and have never compromised on is quality. The name of The Steefo Group is recognised worldwide today because we are consistent in provisioning high-quality products. We hold ourselves to the strictest standard and norms possible to ensure that only products of the highest grade products to our clients. 

We have a dedicated quality assurance team that performs quality checks and rigorous testing from raw materials to the finished products. This is done to ensure that we stay true to the promise of being your reliable steel forming partners. We take a quality-based approach to quality commitment.  

Our Commitment To Innovation 

From its very inception, Steefo has been dedicated to growth and innovation.  We believe that innovation can transform change into new beginnings and fruitful opportunities. Innovation is more than just developing new products but rather producing cohesive design and technology that comply with the constant evolution. Our team of dedicated and experienced design engineers have the vision and talent to delve into undiscovered and uncertain aspects of the world of steel forming to discover and develop new processes, systems, and management methods to positively impact the growth, productivity, and profitability of our clients. 

When you partner with us, you invest in premium grade products and are consistently provided with a workforce that offers the skill to produce the best output in the competitive steel forming market. 

Research and Development

The Steefo Group is known worldwide because of our drive toward developing and improving our R&D and design capabilities. We invest our resources in technical improvements because we know that only development in the field of technology guarantees consistent improvement in our manufacturing speed and product quality. Only the most advanced technology can cater to and match the demands of our varied clients. We utilise software such as CAD and Kissoft and more to procure future-ready equipment that complies with industry 4.0. 

How Has The Steefo Group Solutions Transformed the Steel Rolling Industry?

The Steefo Industry has become synonymous with innovative and unique turnkey solutions that transform rolling mill solutions worldwide. From concept to commissioning of rolling mills and integrated steel plant, we have complete expertise in all aspects of the field. Multiple turnkey projects are supplied with plant equipment and execution, including erection and commissioning to obtain the maximum desired production value. 

1. TMT Bar Rolling Mill 

Steefo Group - TMT bar rolling mill

For The Steefo Group, TMT bar rolling mills have been ingrained in our DNA. Being your one-stop-shop for all your rolling mill solutions, we ensure that we provide our clients with innovative and modern designs in our turnkey solutions. Our expert engineers can handle these projects from concept to commissioning. We constantly customize our products according to the demands and needs of our clients and have production capabilities ranging from 80 TPH to 100 TPH. We ensure that productivity is boosted and ensure faster ROI.

2. Structural Rolling Mill 

The production process in the rolling mill

The Steefo Group is a front runner amongst companies known to produce end-to-end solutions for structural rolling mills. We guarantee that our structural rolling mills have the most incredible performance capacity and shortest downtimes.

3. Wire Rod Mill

Wire rod mill solutions

We have mastered wire rod mills over four decades and have become a trusted name in this industry when it comes to the production of wire rod mills. From cost-effectiveness to flexibility, the growing demand for wire rods is being matched by our support in creating impeccable wire rod mills to allow large production capacities. The Steefo Group creates wire rod mills that are not only high speed but are also capable of rolling themselves into the smaller dimension to increase production rates.

The Services of The Steefo Group That Sets Them Apart

For anything related to steel, you can trust The Steefo Group. From process analysis to optimization and up-gradation, our skilled engineers are here to help you from start to finish. Our end goal is to drive our clients towards success and profitability.

1. Product Design and Engineering

As your reliable steel-forming partner, you can trust us as we are equipped with worldwide experience in implementing turnkey solutions. Our technical departments come together to customise the project to your exact requirements. From individual to products to complete solutions, we provide it with all to ensure that our clients do not face any disadvantage in any step of the process.

2. Spares and Consumables 

We have provided superior customer support and client satisfaction throughout the project lifecycle. We understand how demanding the process is, and that is why we are there every step of the way. We are not only involved in turnkey projects; we also offer spare parts and consumable products to our customers to ensure prolonged service and consistent performance and endurance.

3. Technical Support and Repairs

The Steefo Group always ensures that the steel plants are always equipped with advanced technology to maintain and raise the bar in terms of quality and production. Our team of engineers works closely to keep an eye on the project until the output production stage to prevent downtime and cost overruns.

4. Service Agreement Program

Surviving the rapidly evolving steel market is not an easy task. We meet the demands of the evolving market and rapidly proceed to optimise and improve the efficiency and quality of the plant. It includes adopting the best practices and maintaining equipment and machinery pristine and well maintained. Our company provides a complete service program to ensure that your products reach peak performance levels. The entire process involves evaluating equipment and improving them whenever deemed necessary.

Why Work With The Steefo Group?

Today, The Steefo Group has reached this level of success due to its relentless drive toward excellence and an uncompromising attitude towards quality. We are constantly evolving and trying to improve our current products and solutions, and therefore, we have transformed into the leading innovation in the world of rolling mills.

When you work with us, you get high-quality products and receive constant support from our team of professionals. Join the world of success. To learn more, call us at +91 98240 76873 or drop us a mail at



In the metalworking industry, rolling is a crucial process. The metal stock passes through a pair of heavy rolls in this process. This gives it the desired shape and thickness and imparts desired geometrical dimensions and mechanical properties. The idea is similar to rolling dough with a rolling pin. 

What is Hot Rolling?

Hot Rolling is a process in metalworking during which the metal is rolled above the recrystallisation temperature. The minimum temperature at which metal is recrystallised is 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. The hot rolling process makes the metal more malleable and easier to shape into desired geometrical dimensions and material properties while maintaining the same volume. 

During this process, as the name suggests, a billet of metal is heated and passed between two rolls to flatten and lengthen it. This process helps the metal obtain uniform thickness and reduces the cross-sectional area.  

What are the Advantages of Hot Rolling? 

1. Improvement in Mechanical Properties

When metal is heated and rolled above the high temperature of 1700 degrees Fahrenheit, the metal gains a lot of new properties due to the hot rolling process. Some of the changes include toughness, resistance to shock, ductility, elongation percentage, and more. 

2. Elimination of Porosity and Refined Grain Structure

A significant advantage of the hot rolling process is the removal of defects which include welding pores, coarse grains, and more. During the recrystallisation process, the coarse grain converts into refined grains, causing changes in the properties of the metal. 

The pores are also removed during this time, causing a strong and uniform structure.

3. Uniform Distribution of Impurities  

During the hot rolling process, any impurities that might be present gets removed from the metal, such as slag and others. The removal of such impurities makes the metal more durable. Had there been impurities, it would have made certain sections weaker. 

4. High Production Rate 

When the metal is heated at a high temperature, the raw material’s deformation resistance is lowered, and thermoplasticity increases. This process increases the production rate as the machinery and motor get less worn out due to the malleability of the metal at that given point. 

What are the Disadvantages of Hot Rolling?

1. High Cost of Equipment

The process of hot rolling might increase the production rate but does raise the cost of production, from expensive tools to trained professionals who need years of experience to operate the machinery properly. 

2. Maintaining Accurate Temperature

The majority of the hot rolling process depends on the correct temperature. Maintaining 1,700 Fahrenheit can be a challenging task. If the right temperature is not maintained, it might cause damage to the metal being produced. 

3. Surface Finish And Texture 

The high temperature causes the surface to have a poor finish as the high temperature increases the oxidation and scaling process. 

What is Cold Rolling?

The alternative to hot rolling is known as the process of cold rolling. Metal passes through the roller below the recrystallisation temperature in the cold rolling process. This process increases the strength and durability of the metal. The metal is less malleable because it remains at room temperature than the recrystallisation temperature, but this labour-intensive process reduces the grain size of the metal. 

What are the Advantages of Cold Rolling?

1. Surface Finish 

Due to the absence of high temperatures, the metal coating of the metal is not damaged. It also has a flat and smooth surface with fewer deformations. 

2. Lower Cost 

For cold rolling, there is no requirement for expensive tools and machinery. Since the cold rolling process doesn’t need to maintain a specific temperature, the expertise required is also significantly reduced. 

3. High Yield Point 

Due to the cold rolling process, metal can produce large plastic deformation, which increases the yield of the metal.

4. Close Tolerance Point 

With the cold rolling process, the tolerance point of the metal can go as close as  0.025 mm.

5. Strength 

Since the cold rolling process does not require high temperatures, the metal maintains its structural integrity and doesn’t turn weak. 

What are the Disadvantages of Cold Rolling?

1. High Cost 

The cold rolling process takes longer to produce than the hot-rolling process. The metal is more difficult to manipulate and takes longer to process. That is why the price increases. 

2. No Distribution of Impurities 

When the metal is heated for the hot rolling process, impurities get the chance to distribute evenly. In the cold rolling process, impurities don’t get the opportunity to redistribute. 

3. Grain Size

The reduction size of the grain is necessary to obtain strength and durability. During the hot rolling process, metal receives a refined grain structure, but in the cold rolling process, there is no significant reduction in the size of grain due to the lack of high temperature. 

4. Width 

The cold rolling process provides minimal leeway to correct things post-production. Width is one of the primary examples of it. In the case of rolled metal, you can shave down unnecessary portions easily. You need to begin with the correct measurement for cold-rolled metal, as customising it might be problematic later. 

Which One is Better: Hot Rolling or Cold Rolling?

The question of which process is better is a question that does not have a definite answer. As we discussed, the hot rolling and the cold rolling process both have their advantages and disadvantages. To obtain the answer of which process is better, you need to know what you intend to manufacture in the first place. 

The metal we get during the hot rolling process is necessary for railroads, construction steel bars, beams, and more. Due to its appearance, the hot-rolled metal is used more for structural works. 

On the other hand, cold-rolled metal would be too brittle for railroads. Instead, due to the close tolerance point, the sheets are thinner. This process creates metal sheets appropriate for furniture, household appliances, cabinets, beverage cans and more. 

Why Choose The Steefo Group?

The name of The Steefo Group has become synonymous with premium quality in rolling mill services. With its foundation going back around four decades, we have built our reputation based on our quality. Recognized by the Government of India as the Star Export House and international clientele, we intend to be your reliable partner for all your steel-forming needs. To enquire more about our products and services, contact or give us a call at +919824076873